Chen begins singing silently to preserve her oxygen, but then passes out in the barrel. Episode 19, “The Checklist”, is your usual run-of-the-mill chapter of The Rookie with Lucy comically trying to find a range of crimes with an overconfident Tim, and Jackson trying to emulate his father due to Daddy-issues.In the end, Lucy is under pressure to complete her crime-list in one shift, but Tim motivates her to do so. Nationality: Chen's badge number is 28537. Is it really so different from an interns dating their attending? Chen and Jackson West react with approval to the news. His ex-wife is Isabel Bradford, a former Gangs & Narcotics detective. The series follows John Nolan, a man in his forties, who becomes the oldest rookie at the Los Angeles Police Department.The series is produced by ABC Studios and Entertainment One.. lucy was die.silhouette is lucy's spirit when lucy's spirit came ,music box was ringing. Can't wait until next week," tweeted this viewer. She then frees herself of her restraints once again, but cannot escape. They reach the gravesite, and Caleb tells her that given the setbacks, he was going to have to bury her alive, unlike the first two victims. The other officers arrive and Bradford finds Chen after spotting her ring on the ground near the burial site. I love this show and the cast and crew do an amazing job. American In "The Shake Up", Chen's father, a psychologist, is injured by a patient and he ends up in the hospital, where he and Chen have a difference of opinion about the role of the police in mental health cases. Tim Bradford is a main character on The Rookie, played by Eric Winter. She also pins the man to the floor in self defense as a result of this. The Rookie on ABC follows the jobs and lives of LAPD officers in a gritty and realistic way. Created by Alexi Hawley. From go, Tim (played by Eric Winter) was a gruff, … (Here’s looking at you Meredith and … It looks like we're also in store for a few extra-special guest stars. Chen schemes to get Bradford to go on a date, betting him she can set him up; if she wins, she gets to wear short sleeves. When does the show return on ABC in fall 2019? He buries Chen alive and leaves. 'The Rookie' Just Killed Off a Major Character In Its Very First Season (SPOILERS), Afton Williamson Left 'The Rookie' Over Claims of Racial Discrimination and Harassment. Chen assures him that what had happened with Caleb was not his fault. She is also very supportive of Bradford's relationship with. The Rookie season 2 will premiere Sunday, September 29 at 10 p.m. EST. Chen goes alone with Castillo to a hotel to try and catch a man who has been committing crimes there. Their conversation is interrupted as Lucy spots a man stealing cash out of wallets. This upcoming February 23 episode carries with it the title of “Day of Death” and at the center of this one is a desperate search for Lucy Chen. In "The Dark Side", Chen meets a man named Caleb Wright, and the two seemingly hit it off. She also helps set the trap for the woman's boyfriend so Bradford can arrest and charge him with attempted murder. At the age of 16, she was the youngest and first female winner of Canadian Idol.Additionally, she is a Juno Award nominee and a Dora Mavor Moore Award winner. She is immediately intrigued by him, but Bradford is hesitant to give her dating advice because she had nearly died the last time he had given her advice. So, will Tim and Lucy eventually become an item? The man working with Rosalind Dyer is the same man who flirts with Lucy at a bar, and then shows up at her precinct the next day. Chen is then taken to the hospital, where she recovers from her ordeal. In "The Overnight", Chen is revealed to be an excellent singer after she accidentally auditions for American Idol. The Rookie left us hanging during the Fall Finale.The strange encounter with a convicted serial killer opens old wounds for some while disturbing others. In "The Q Word", it is shown that her relationship with Emmett is starting to evolve, as they had slept together. Does Lucy Chen die in 'The Rookie'? [Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Rookie Season 2, Episode 1, "Impact."]. Overall, we're hoping the writers aren't just teasing fans with a showmance. The Rookie returns February 23rd on ABC. She is a Police Officer I assigned to the Mid-Wilshire Division. He also pokes her repeatedly with a knife and mocks her. When Bradford leaves, he returns the ring he found at Chen's burial site to her. Gallery. Female Rank: He then further humiliates her by taking her picture and showing her the camera on the bottom of the barrel's lid. Unnamed ex-boyfriendJohn Nolan (ex-boyfriend)Emmett Lang (boyfriend) Adding, “You’re going to see Tim lose his mind,” Tim feels like he is the one who set her up on that date, even though he was cautious of that guy when he first met him.”. Inside the barrel, Chen struggles to stay awake as she is quickly losing oxygen. 9 Will We See A Tim And Lucy Romance Even with Tim enjoying a romance with Rachel, you could tell that the writers were building up to something more. He then locks the barrel's lid into place and then kicks the barrel into the pre-dug hole. They try in vain to revive Caleb, but he dies of his injuries before he can tell them anything. She is distracted for the rest of the day looking at Wright's social media on her phone. During an 11-week hiatus, audiences were left questioning the fate of Officer Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neill) on the procedural drama The Rookie. She and Rachel Hall had a psychology class together in college. Seasons: It would have been Nolan's last 30 days, except for what happened at the end of episode 1. They do not part on the best of terms. ", On no...Tim’s blaming himself This is the scene that I knew I wasn’t ready for #TheRookie Harper later tells Chen that she had also been in a situation similar to the one that Chen had been in. when finished lilium , she is samewhere above. Played by: she came for one last time to listen to lilium. I don’t care. In "Clean Cut", after Bradford rear ends a woman while on patrol with Chen, she immediately comes to his defense and helps clear his name, something Bradford appears to be appreciative of. Possible [Spoiler] regarding Lucy's fate... spoiler First things first, I'm not sure if typing [Spoiler] in brackets in the title is how you properly tag a spoiler post (please let me know to to tag it properly if that didn't work!) Thank goodness for this catch-my-breath break! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. “It’s super intense, obviously,” showrunner Alexi Hawley dished to TVLine. Throughout the remainder of the season, Chen continues to recover from her ordeal. In "Caught Stealing", Chen is forced to find a new place to live, as her landlord is evicting everyone to convert her building to condominiums. Well, it sure seems that way! Tue Aug 20, 2019 at 12:28am ET Sat Jul 04, 2020 at 12:28 am EDT In his forties, John starts his new career in the police department and thus, making him the oldest rookie. Affiliation: Unnamed Mother Another fan wrote, "Are you really trying to tell me that Tim sat by Lucy’s bedside all night... and knows her favorite food and had it waiting for her... how am I supposed to process this information #TheRookie. Chen eventually realizes that the situation is out of her control, and she calls in Bradford for backup. It was everything I f--king wanted!! note:my english maybe bad. We can't possibly 'ship them even more than we already do! #TheRookie has got me on edge tonight. Thankfully, Lucy finally comes to and is recovering in the hospital under the watchful eye of Tim. Chen also tells Bradford she is ready to ride with him again. In "Green Light", Chen remarks to Nolan that he seems happy and credits his dating Jessica Russo. Police Officer "You sort of saw him ease up, which was a big turn for them,” the actor explained. 1 series, 3 seasons, 21 episodes Though the pair have kept their relationship strictly platonic, it seems the writers are hinting that the co-workers will start to become romantically involved. Status: Gender: Following the episode, fans immediately took to Twitter to share their reactions. The following contains spoilers from the March 19 episode of ABC's The Rookie. Caleb enters the room and tells Chen that his intended victim was Nick Armstrong, but that he had abducted her instead, seeing a crime of opportunity. #therookie," tweeted one person. Mother: They usually work the 7-Adam-19 beat. She begins coughing and is disheartened that she cannot break free of the barrel. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Melissa O'Neil is an award-winning Canadian actress and platinum-selling recording artist. After the Marvel Films, Vision Gets New Life With Wanda in the TV Show ‘WandaVision’, 'Shameless' Star Steve Howey Says He Lost Weight by Fighting His Laziness, Why Did Phil Spector Kill Lana Clarkson? Fictional TV stepped into reality TV as The Rookie Season 2 Episode 16 went meta and shoved Officer Lucy Chen onto the American Idol audition stage. In a heart-pounding episode, the team was able to track down Lucy's whereabouts at Caleb's hideout and discovered that she was buried underground in an oil barrel. Her training officer is Tim Bradford. Check out 17 couples who need to get a move on! With Nathan Fillion, Alyssa Diaz, Richard T. Jones, Titus Makin Jr.. please try to understand. Her training officer is Tim Bradford. In a later episode, she tells Nolan that she realizes how committed she is to her new career. “When you think about all of Tim’s baggage in general — like, him feeling like he failed his wife — this is just another brick taken out of the building for him, you know?”. She is lactose intolerant, mentioning this on a phone call that she has with her mother in ". In "The Hunt", Chen finds out that Rachel was planning to move to New York, and she spends most of this episode concerned for Bradford's well-being. It’s also very emotional.” Well, fans (including us) anxiously held our breathe as we waited to find out if Lucy would make it out alive. The dynamic between The Rookie‘s Officer Lucy Chen and TO Tim Bradford may have warmed up some during Season 2 of ABC’s light procedural, but that “intimacy” likely won’t segue anytime soon into romance. The Rookie will return Sunday February 23 … The two struggle briefly, until he kicks her in the head and drags her away by her leg. Worried Fans Demand to Know⁠ — Has Nathan Fillion Lost Weight? If you aren’t caught up with the freshman dramedy, we suggest you stop reading now because major spoilers from Episode 16 will be revealed in the paragraphs below! Bradford eventually removes the lid and they find Chen unconscious, but she is revived after Bradford performs CPR on her. The other officers then rush over to help Bradford dig up the site. In the course of the episode, one of the criminals is found dead in a "surprisingly upscale" apartment, and Chen ends up renting it at a discount due to the fact that there had been a death there. After suffering from lack of oxygen, Tim Bradford (Eric Winter) is forced to administer CPR to revive his colleague who is currently unconscious. When Chen protests, Caleb threatens her with a gun, forcing her to get in the barrel. There's no denying rookie officer Lucy Chen ... "You didn't die, you lived and now he's the one in the ground," he tells her bluntly about Caleb after she tried brushing him off. Los Angeles Police Department Lucy drives a 1977 Datsun 280Z, which she has to push down the street in the pilot episode, and she says she lives in a one-bedroom apartment with a view of a methadone clinic. Basically, this fan of The Rookie wrote what we were all thinking during the episode: "Whew! His relationship with his rookie "boot" Lucy Chen was steering more on the personal side of things than anything in Season 2. gallery After suffering from lack of oxygen, Tim Bradford (Eric Winter) is forced to administer CPR to revive his colleague who is currently unconscious. She is then shown on a date with Wright, only to have it abruptly conclude with Wright stuffing her in a trunk; after slipping a sedative into her drink. Police Officer I In "Now and Then", Harper gets permission from Bradford to ride with Chen, helping to ease her back into the job. … Lucy Chen is a main character in The Rookie, played by Melissa O'Neil. Date of birth: Look, I know I’m being a hypocrite for wanting Lucy and Tim to date after she just broke up with Nolan because their relationship could potentially threaten their careers, but you know what? Chen eventually helps Harper subdue a serial bomber by wiggling her way out of the trap that he has set for her, and Harper appears to be impressed. Get exclusive videos, blogs, photos, cast bios, free episodes and more. In Season 2, Chen gets a good score on her mid-term exam, but Bradford requires her to still wear long sleeves and a tie, even though rookies are usually permitted to go to short sleeves and without a tie after their mid-term exam. In "The Night General", West ends up living with Chen after his landlord has been arrested. Actor Eric Winter told TV Line that his character took Lucy's kidnapping "super personally." The actress made headlines last week after revealing she was leaving the show ahead of Season 2, alleging she had been the victim of racial discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment during production of the first season. I watch television for the drama. He is assigned to the Mid-Wilshire Division where he works as the training officer for Lucy Chen. Afton Williamson named the people who she claims harassed her on the set of The Rookie on her latest message about exiting the ABC series. Father: After Chen easily loses fights to two meth heads and Harper, she angrily tries to prove to Harper that she is worthy enough to be on the police force.