If you are close to that number, growing, or have high expectations around your next project I suggest pulling the trigger sooner than later so that you can increase your long term cashflow and ensure the royalties don’t fall into the black box. May not work for you, but it works great for me. I’m not a label, but if I collaborate with 4 artists, I’ll end up paying the label tier. Always enjoy your answers. I tried out DistroKid recently, thinking $20 per year was a great value. Why Songtrust; Who Uses Songtrust. Personally, I don’t want to have to decide when to pull a release based on slowing sales. You do that directly with the library, for free. Hopefully they’ve upped their support game since! How do you know they’re lyrics and not poems? Just when I become confident with my knowledge in one area, I move to another subject, only to find I didn’t know as much I thought I did. If so, it’s much better to sign directly with Songtrust…, I’m just wondering as I want to distribute my music via CD Baby and sign with their publishing service, but I’m not sure if they take an additional cut after Songtrust take theirs. like most of already do. Next, they’ll register an unlimited number of songs with over 45 collection societies worldwide. I’m ASCAP Author, Artist, Producer, Publisher of WALKIN THRU THE PARK C Aristedes Philip DuVal, MR. MELODY TM. Sounds like someone didn’t read the article. If you’re sure you’re going to keep releasing music, you might as well go ahead and join! Catch more of my promotional escapades in my How I’m Promoting My Music This Month email newsletter. I am literally loving these comments and your replies at my local Starbucks getting a plethora of knowledge I didn’t know. This is separate from your Payoneer account and Songtrust, and must be done in your ASCAP account. It’s only recently I’ve looked into the mechanical royalties side and realised Distrokid don’t have a pro upgrade. They take 5% AND have partnered with Loudr so that you’re able to release covers. Hi, Brian. Songtrust - Music Publishing Royalty Collection and Administration from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, HFA, Music Reports and more. Thanks again! I use Songtrust and they only collect the Publisher's share of my royalties. Hey there, CHECK OUT MY MUSIC - https://SoundCloud.com/LoFiChill I made a video about making money with music streaming a while back. The TAXI and Songhunters submission fees are more of a disincentive than anything, to stop people from sending in anything and everything. Obviously, the sooner you get on it, the better! Transferring titles using our transfer tool does not affect your credit count. You pay $5 more per single and $40 more per album. Your email address will not be published. The trade-off is that you’re giving up 15% (our commission) of your royalties in exchange for direct global registration to +50 pay sources with the convenience of only entering your song information once. Thank you for your article. I don’t get it. I may drop Songtrust. I really have appreciated your feedback. Of course, that’s only looking at digital distribution. Songtrust, will collect overseas stuff so I’ll be signing up with them as well. In any case, I think you’re better off registering direct with Songtrust once rather than paying extra for every release through CD Baby. Why Songtrust; Who Uses Songtrust. I’m not sure what you’re expecting of them. Regarding your publishing company: If you don’t mind, could you detail how you registered it with Songtrust? If you browse through my articles, you’ll find plenty of lukewarm to mildly negative reviews with affiliate links. I’ve just read through this entire thread dating back years ago. We act as a publishing administrator for our clients, meaning we can register songs and collect royalties on their behalf without owning any percentage of their copyrights. Did you know that each time your song is streamed, it generates a mechanical royalty that is not paid through your distributor? Those two agencies will most likely collect the vast majority of royalties for you. I’m surprised to hear you were rejected by AWAL. Cool, thanks for your info, Brian. Just want to say Kudos to you sir. They are usually from Spotify but have gotten them from other companies. When you register your titles with ASCAP the money is split with 50% to the writer and 50% to the publisher so you have to register with ASCAP as a writer and a publisher. Now that I’m using Symphonic for distro, I’m deciding whether do sync/content id with a company directly instead of via my distributor to avoid their extra commission. No mistake! As a publishing administrator, we're authorized to register your works and collect money on your behalf - you still own and control 100% of your copyright. Since receiving this I replied immediately requesting confirmation of my membership cancellation. I’d say unless you have 10K or more monthly listeners on Spotify, it will take a long time to recoup the $100 investment. Seems like a win/win situation for Songtrust. I have a question for you and hope you may have a thought about it. We classify this a “Micro sync” License or User Generated Content license(Very similar to how Youtube pays out). I have learned that publishing is where the money comes in as far as the music industry is concerned. ; Creator Reps Managers and lawyers connect with the most extensive, accessible publishing network in the industry. It sounds like you haven’t released a lot of material. Check this link out. Cd Baby conspired in 2010 to change my artist name and when I refused, they proceeded without my permission to change my artist name on several albums going back to early 1990’s. Also, I paid big bucks for radio promotion across France and Italy way back in 2000, putting my songs in regular rotation on over 40 commercial stations. I always recommend CD Baby. Is that mechanical royalty money you also retrieve? Two forward one back it was for a bit, trying to get the ball rolling. But royalties never appear like magic. We signed up with AWAL last year and really like their whole operation on balance. they would be kind of like my internet police preventing other youtube/soundcloud etc. I don’t have a publisher, so that portion is getting left on the table for now. Thanks for clarifying. Okay, it’s a total mess. That combined with the fact that they have my credit card on file (I used it for the initial $100 registration fee), I fear if I cancel know, they'll charge my card. Creators Songwriters, producers and creators collect royalties globally from your songs while keeping 100 percent of the rights. Why release through both CD Baby and TuneCore? #peace. Oh and about CDBaby: if you sell less than 100$ a year, CDBaby is a good deal, ’cause you pay 9% instead of a yearly 10$ fee, but if your track does well and you make say 1000$, CDBaby takes 90$ instead of the 10$. I just fired off an email this morning, and will let you know as soon as I hear back! Hi Brian, I’ve been a full time composer / producer for TV & Radio and a BMI member for over 20 years. My iTunes sales are down too. I would think that someone that’s planning on submitting numerous tracks to music libraries would want to go with Distrokid, because if you’re banging out 1-2 tracks a week, that would really get costly with CD Baby and/or TuneCore. It sounds like you’ll make your investment back quickly, and be set for the long haul. To me you have a pretty good knowledge of the complex world of music publishing, licensing and royalties. Unless you’re getting lots of streams though, it’s not particularly urgent. You can hold off even setting up a publishing company until you’ve got royalties to collect, like a big sync placement. In the way of trying to make a buck. Royalties are only sent to you through work undertaken by a PRO to ensure that their members are getting paid.