Replace Thermidistat Control. Air Conditioner/Heat Pump turned on – No display a. Reset - Sec. If your thermostat is battery powered and you wait until the icon is just a silhouette with no black bars, you will slowly lose thermostat functions until it doesn’t work at all, “Aux heat on” is displayed (heat pump systems only), Aux heat on is auxiliary heat. 548J Heat Pump pdf manual download. Here are the possible system error messages and what they mean: — The room air sensor reports that the room air temperature is above 150° or below -50°. An attempt to read outdoor temperature results in on display. 10 SEER SPLIT-SYSTEM HEAT PUMP. Check outdoor sensor and its wiring. of course, if you suspect a problem with your heal pump, call your heating and cooling dealer immediately, What if AUX HEAT appears on the display? This is to remind the homeowner to "check" filter. Enjoy the energy-saving, quiet operating, consistent comfort of two-speed operation with this Preferred™ Series heat pump. Cooling will not come on. The tables with step-by-step instructions are pretty simple for understanding, and most troubleshooting measures can be taken on one’s own. The strip heater turns off well before reaching set point. Check for 24 VAC between R and C at terminal connections. 5 BUTTON 3109228.001 COMFORT CONTROL CENTER SYSTEM A. QUICK-CHECK TROUBLE-SHOOTING FOR COMFORT CONTROL CENTER (CCC) CONTROLS For detailed troubleshooting, refer to sec-tion noted. ... with a heat pump. Select HEAT mode. | Contact. Heat pump is incorrectly selected “on” in the Advanced Setup. If the Display Module and the Equipment Control Module cannot communicate via two-wire connection, an El will be displayed, If Thermidistat Control cannot properly read outdoor temperature, and it is needed for proper operation, display will indicate “—” in the outdoor temperature location. You’ll know there’s a problem if the house can’t seem to get warm when it’s cold outside. You have to turn on emergency heat manually - it doesn’t happen automatically - so if you see Em heat on the display, it means somebody has turned it on, If you lose electricity and have batteries installed, the thermostat will continue to display the indoor temperature because it has a battery backup power source. Bryant two-stage heat pumps heat and cool on low capacity, or about 65% capacity, most of the time for quieter, more balanced performance. Variable speed compressor, 2stage, up to 10 zones and more.Bryant Evolution System. Circuit Breaker Flip-Flop If neither of the above methods work, turn your thermostat to the ‘off’ position. The display indicator for this is auxiliary heat on.) 5 BUTTON 3109228.001 COMFORT CONTROL CENTER SYSTEM A. QUICK-CHECK TROUBLE-SHOOTING FOR COMFORT CONTROL CENTER (CCC) CONTROLS For detailed troubleshooting, refer to sec-tion noted. They enlist the most widespread technical problems and suggest possible causes and solutions. Since the company delivers options designed to meet various needs, you should understand the features you need in a heat pump before choosing a unit. View online Homeowner's manual for Bryant AND THERMIDISTAT CONTROL Thermostat or simply click Download button to examine the Bryant AND THERMIDISTAT CONTROL guidelines offline on your desktop or laptop computer. © 2021 Thermostat Guide – troubleshooting, error codes, repair. And there are many things that can prevent the outdoor unit from starting, some of which can be quite serious. 1. This is to remind the homeowner to "check" filter. Next, check the subpanels, which supply power to the heat pump, as well as the main electrical panel. B2 d. AC Control Module - Sec. And, of course, if you suspect a problem with your heat pump, call your heating and cooling dealer immediately, The battery icon appears on the display only when the battery starts to lose power. The compressor timer lock- out may prevent the air conditioner from turning on, for a period of time. "E3" or “—“ in place of outdoor temperature. Wait 5 seconds, then reinstall batteries properly to reset. SINGLE PACKAGE HEAT PUMP/ELECTRIC HEAT NOMINAL 3 TO 8.5 TONS WITH PURON (R-410A) REFRIGERANT. Increase heating setpoint to 2 or 3 degrees (not more) above room temperature. Also for: 661g, 661s. 01 - Temperature Control Board. (Systems with heat pumps use “auxiliary heat” when it’s too cold outside for the heat pump to heat the house without help. From the model that was recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR ® 2020* , the Evolution Extreme, to the variable-speed and 1- and 2-stage units, you can obtain SEER ratings of up to 24 and the option of total control with an Evolution Connex™ control. Double check wiring and check for 24 VAC between R and C. E2 will clear 15 seconds after proper voltaqe is restored. Call your heating and cooling dealer. If present, thermostat is OK and problem is with equipment or wiring. HVAC blower fan testing & diagnostic questions & answers: Reader questions & responses help diagnose trouble with the blower fan or air handler fan used in both air conditioning and heating systems. Dial & Button Parts Manuals, Care Guides & Literature Parts. BASIC SETUP Set Day, Time & Desired Humidity 1 Open the door of the Evolution ® Control. Decrease cooling setpoint to 10 degrees below room temperature. You want to avoid using emergency heat, though, because it’s the most expensive option. This happens automatically, NOTE: This indicator does not mean there is a problem with your system, If the heat pump is not working properly, you can manually turn on the emergency heat for extra help in heating. Here’s how you find it: Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps: You can find the model number listed on a “rating … To Reset or Not to Reset. If display does not appear, replace Thermidistat Control. Check for shorted, open, or failed outdoor temperature sensor. Clean or replace filter and then press VACATION and HOLD/END buttons together to reset. Check sensor for damage. This thermostat uses a green LED to indicate auxiliary heat and emergency heat operation on the Heat Pump model. Unfortunately, unlike other brands, Bryant does not include a simple reset button on the air conditioner itself.